Green building initiatives are great for our planet, but they also provides developers, owners, and occupants lower energy costs, health and productivity benefits that conventional buildings do not. Volpatt Construction is here to help maximize of the efficiency through energy and waste reduction.

We continually challenge our team leaders to stay ahead of the best policies, practices, trends and innovation related to sustainability in the built environment. Our team remains knowledgeable on the newest green rating systems on the market and they are equipped to find solutions to minimize environmental impact and reduce energy consumption.

High-performance buildings are designed to minimize resource consumption, reduce life cycle costs, and maximize health and productivity for the building’s occupants. The decision to build with a green initiative adds a greater complexity to the construction process. Volpatt Construction carries the specific experience needed to deliver a successful project in a cost effective way.

We are closely familiar with the handling of unique materials, installations, and waste management practices for high-performing building projects. That’s why our team follows the latest standards in LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) – the nationally accepted rating system for commercial and institutional green buildings.

Whether or not your project is seeking LEED certification, our team is trained in LEED construction practices and have managed various sustainable projects. We are committed to working together to ensure your project meets the desired green building standards.

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