Design & Build

Design & Build

Volpatt Construction will team with qualified architects and consultants to provide both design and construction services under one contract with you. This option is ideal if you prefer single source responsibility or if you are on a fast track for completion.

As either the primary, joint or secondary member of your project team, Volpatt Construction will assist the design professional with the owner’s programming. This means we oversee the design process and review the project for constructability, logistics phasing, and safety procedures. Our approach will streamline the project by integrating the design and construction phases into one cohesive operation. As a result, considerable time and cost savings will be experienced with a greater focus on quality control through continuous involvement from both the design and construction teams.

As the design phase begins, Volpatt Construction will apply cost data analysis to ensure the project is constructed within target price. Their commitment throughout the design phase allows for cost savings initiatives in a measured, logical process. Volpatt Construction offers information analysis on the project site, equipment, and other elements of the owner’s program. We will conduct a constructability review to address the physical difficulties and the relative costs of construction as well as a review the drawings for errors, omissions, ambiguities, or inconsistencies.  At this stage a preliminary project schedule is prepared, which includes design and construction milestones, as well as potential long-lead procurement items. We will engage subcontractor participation during the design phase to assist and confirm budget pricing and material procurement durations.

Our design-build approach implements fast-track techniques into the project by starting the construction phase before the design documentations are completed, without losing control of costs. Many of the final finishing details of the plans will already be anticipated and approved by the project team. In coordination with the design professionals, Volpatt Construction works to avoid and minimize design inconsistencies. Any adjustments will be addressed by the entire team, leading to collaborative resolution. Volpatt does not assume the design is final once construction begins. They will continue to actively search for cost effective design approaches beyond the finalized construction documents. The design-build model led by Volpatt Construction will rely on effective communication, a cooperative approach, mutual respect, with a focus on solutions rather than impediments.

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