Thomas C. Celli, AIA

The attention to craftsmanship and workmanship that this project required exceeds that which is normally available in Western Pennsylvania.

Jim Zielinski

You managed to keep to the original integrity of the architecture by matching materials over one hundred years old and at the same time enhanced the beauty of the structure with updated lighting. The stonework of the addition is of outstanding quality and is almost indistinct from the original masonry. Your efforts have reawakened the magnificence of the St. Paul Cathedral.

Roy R. Barnhart

Having been responsible for numerous University construction projects, I know that the project should never have been so successful were it not for the tremendous efforts of your project team.

John Schrott, AIA

…I was most impressed that the quality f work and attention to detail was not sacrificed due to the schedule. The design was executed as documented, questions were asked at the appropriate times and you coordinated your subcontractors with the Owner’s equipment vendors seamlessly.

Bishop Lawrence E. Brandt

The Cathedral is to be a place of serene beauty in which the individual parts blend together like the movements of a symphony. It is to be a place of warm, welcoming beauty where heaven touches earth and where the beholder is moved to reach up and grasp the hand of God. I believe this restoration accomplishes that.